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TimeSpan is a simple, easy to set-up WordPress plugin that automagically calculates the approximate length of time it will take to read a blog post. People are busy, and the Internet is a firehose of content – because of that, readers can’t read everything. Time factors into a reader’s choice of content to consume. With that in […]


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Custom fields are a must for any custom WordPress theme that has any level of complexity in layout. But out-of-the-box, WordPress strips formatting from any content that is pulled from custom fields with 'get_post_meta', which makes your life as a WordPress developer harder than it should be. Here's how to fix that problem.


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WordPress is the most popular publishing platform on the web – it powers huge sites like time.com – and we’re experts at it (just ask SurveyMonkey – we built their WordPress blog). Your new WordPress site will be a breeze to use, beautiful on all devices, and unique just to your business.


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